Jacqueline Weber

4U: Handcrafted Jewelry Designs was born out of necessity and formed out of a love of jewelry. Skin allergies to certain metals run deeply in my family, becoming more sensitive as we age. My skin dictated that only 925 sterling silver and gold were the only safe metals I could wear without having a painful reaction. Yet, my love of color and ever-changing style made me completely bored with simple metal chains. Thus, I learned two things early in life: I love jewelry, and costume jewelry will never be due.

Gradually, my attention turned to pearls with their limitless colors, shapes, styles, and iridescence. My love of jewelry was rejuvenated! Yet, I felt that the single strand of pearls sold in most fine jewelry or department stores were almost archaic, and the clasp used was so small that it was frustrating to manipulate. That’s when I realized that designing jewelry was my destiny! I visited a bead store in my local area for the first time and became engrossed in design inspiration.

I purchased strands of this, strands of that, and several classes with the resident beading expert. Together, we created a beautiful double-strand freshwater cultured pearl necklace that was just right for me. It had a nickel and lead-free clasp that was easy to manipulate. I still wear it to this day! I wholeheartedly believe that others should feel completely excited about their jewelry like this.

I know from experience how important it is to have high-quality jewelry that is safe, easy to wear, and speaks to your unique style. Semiprecious gemstones and pearls are natural elements with no known allergies, making them safe to wear. Additionally, because they come in an unlimited range of colors, we can create designs that support the specific desires of our clients and friends. Moreover, we purposely select nickel and lead-free clasps based on size and style, which can be successfully manipulated, even by those who have reduced dexterity, making our designs easy to put on and take off.

Let 4U—Handcrafted Jewelry Designs—help you rediscover your appreciation for high-quality jewelry designs. We’ll do this with you in mind.

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